How Much Does Tutoring Cost in Las Vegas?

Cost of private tutoring in Las Vegas, NV

In Las Vegas, private tutors usually take classes on an hourly basis. Depending on your area of residence, the rates could vary from anywhere between $30- $60 per hour.

Finding a local private tutor will help save both time and money. Your child will not have to cover long distances and you will have more affordable options at hand. Also, the charges for private tutors vary depending on the grade level of the student. If the child is in middle school or grade school, you will probably end up paying a slightly lesser amount as a fee as opposed to if they are in high school. Generally speaking, licensed private tutors will likely ask for over $35 per hour as they would have sufficient skill and experience in teaching students struggling with various subjects. For instance, a private tutor in Las Vegas, Nevada, who gives combined lessons in Math and Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) charges $55 per hour as student fee. The sessions may involve preparing the student for various tests and exams besides teaching school lessons and helping with homework and assignments.

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