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Private guitar lessons can be invaluable for individuals when they start out learning the guitar. Lessons can also help players who already have a good grip on the basics to improve their skills or learn difficult riffs. There are numerous advantages to private lessons, as opposed to the use of books and videos only.

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Private lessons will help beginners develop proper techniques before they develop bad habits. Learning the proper positioning of the fretting hand is critical. Likewise, learning the proper way to hold the pick in order to achieve the right attack angle of the strings is essential. Once bad techniques become habitual, they can be hard to change. A live instructor can give on-the-spot feedback in order to make sure proper hand placement is learned from the very beginning.

private guitar lessons in las vegas

What is it like to work with a guitar teacher in Las Vegas?

With a private instructor in Las Vegas, students can advance at their own pace. There will inevitably be some aspects with which particular individuals struggle. An instructor can focus on those things and help the student through those times. This could easily be the thing that keeps a student from getting discouraged and giving up.

What are the lessons like?

Once students get to the point at which their fingers go where they are supposed to, the instructor can start tailoring the lessons to the individual’s taste. For example, some students might have aspirations to play lead guitar in a rock band while others may want to play basic rhythm to back themselves up when they sing. Some students might want to progress into finger picking; some might want to learn everything they can about flat picking.

Proper timing is more easily learned when there is an instructor there who can play along with the student or help them keep up with the beat. Likewise, instructors can help their students with special techniques like string bending, hammer-ons, pull-offs and the use of harmonics. These things can be difficult for individuals to pick up on their own. By the same token, instructors can demonstrate the advantages of chord variations such as the use of seventh or minor chords.

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Instructors can show students how to incorporate moveable chords in their playing so they can use the same basic fingering to play a song in different keys. Tips on which chords to use together, like the basic I-IV-V progression and the related minor chords are extremely helpful as well. In short, a private instructor can help a prospective player develop proper skills faster and more effectively than could be achieved otherwise.

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