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Benefits of taking tennis lessons

tennis lessons las vegas

Whether you’re picking up a tennis racket for the first time or are looking for a fresh perspective after many years of tennis play, tennis lessons can benefit players at any stage. Even the most seasoned pros on tour have their coaches watch practice sessions and matches, so the learning phase is never really complete. From your physical game to mental strength, tennis lessons can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

Starting with a clean slate

If you are starting out your tennis life with lessons, the benefits are even more advantageous. Taking lessons from an instructor from the very beginning allows you the benefit of never forming bad habits. Learning from scratch tends to be smoother than undoing bad habits and correcting bad form so starting out with the correct basics is certain to give you a leg up. Building a good foundation of tennis fundamentals will serve you well as you build upon your skills.

A fresh set of eyes

Whether you are receiving one on one training or are involved in group lessons, a fresh set of eyes to observe your game is incredibly beneficial. Instructors and fellow players will be able to spot technique issues that you may have missed or been unaware that you are doing. Helpful critiques of proper form and necessary changes could be exactly what you need to push your game to the next level. Group lessons are also a great place to find fellow players to bounce ideas and balls off of.

Needed boost in self esteem

In addition to pointing out areas for improvement or holes in the fundamentals, your instructor will help you identify your strengths and build upon them. Contrary to popular belief, instructors don’t just point out the things you do incorrectly! They will be able to watch your game and spot the areas in which you excel and encourage you to make them even stronger. This can lead directly to these tools becoming your weapons and keys to winning matches. Not only will your technical game improve, but hearing encouragement from an outside source will boost your tennis self-esteem and strengthen your mental game. Mental toughness is an important component in matches and recalling moments of encouragement can give you that boost to keep fighting.

Tips for New Tennis Players

Congratulations! If you have chosen tennis as a new pastime, you are going to love this sport that can be played your entire life. Below are a few tips that help new players make the most of their tennis experience.

Having the right equipment can make all the difference. Do some research online, visit a local tennis store in person, or talk to others in the sport. Having the right racquet, shoes, and grip on your racquet can make a difference in how you play your game. If you do not have the right equipment, particularly the right shoes, you are more likely to be injured on the court. So keep your equipment up to date and learn about what works well for you.

Strength & Conditioning
While tennis is a sport of finesse, it is still a great idea to be in good shape and gain strength in certain muscles, particularly in your arms, back, and legs. Doing some exercise outside of tennis focused lessons can make you a more agile player on the court.

Tennis Community
Most communities have a lot of tennis players. The trick is to find them! Check with local tennis centers to find a team that is around your same skill level. Join a group for lessons, and consider joining a team to get some experience playing matches.

Watch Matches
One of the best ways to learn about scoring and other match dynamics is to watch others play the game. Whether watching the professionals on television or watching a match at your local tennis center, it’s important to learn about scoring, serving, and the flow of the game. Also, by watching a match on television, you’ll learn a lot of the tennis language and even strategy from the announcers. Take the time to watch some matches and you’ll pick up a lot.

Warn Up
Before a match or taking a tennis lesson, it is important to warm up some key muscle groups. Always start out by hitting the ball on a short court, or the front two boxes
on a standard tennis court, before moving back to the baseline, or the back line on the court. This will help you warm up the muscles most used in your tennis strokes, and also get you familiar with the bounce of the ball and the court conditions.

As you can see, there are lots of things to consider when starting to play tennis. By keeping these tips top of mind, you’ll be a great player in no time. Have fun!

A Brief History Of Tennis

Tennis is a classic sport. It has become one of the most popular sports in the world, both to play and watch, even though it has only been around under these rules and regulations since the late 1800’s. The roots of tennis can be traced much further back.

It is believed that the beginning of tennis was in the 12th century, most likely in France. But at this phase in the game, there were no rackets. Players used the palm of their hand to strike the ball. Rackets came into play much later, in the 16th century. This is also when the word “tennis” first made an appearance.

However, the game still had a ways to go before the 16th century version transformed into the 19th century version. One way that it was different is that it was played exclusively indoors. Boundaries had not yet been defined, and the ball was still in play if it hit the walls. In fact, part of the strategy included utilizing the walls.

This version of tennis stuck around for a while and gained popularity thanks to a celebrity of the day who encouraged its widespread appeal. We can thank Henry VIII for making the sport so fashionable.

It wasn’t until 1872 that the game of tennis was taken outside. Harry Gem and Augurio Perera were looking for a place to play the game but only had a croquet lawn at their disposal. They ventured outside and, after some inspiration, added rackets into the mix. This spin on the game again drew much attention, and they became the founders of the first tennis club located in Leamington Spa, England.

However, despite the innovation of Harry and Augurio, it is often Major Walter Clopton Wingfield who is given all the credit of modern tennis. A year later, he designed, patented, and sold a variation of the game, making him the first to sell tennis equipment and formally publish the rules.

Once the game was available to the masses, its popularity exploded. Clubs were formed. Tournaments were held. Classes were taught. Eventually, an international governance was put into motion so that the rules could be regulated and tournaments could cross borders without having to account for local nuances of tennis that seemed to creep up.

Over the past several centuries, tennis has only grown in popularity with no signs of slowing.

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