March 2018

What are the exercise habits of musicians?

If you are a musician, it is very important to maintain healthy habits in order to keep your mind and body alike working at their peak. After all, if you do not treat your body well, your creativity and passion will suffer because of it. Not only that, but touring musicians, especially those that are in rock or metal bands, often incur injuries during or because of their concerts. Doing stage dives, swinging your head about and otherwise horsing around on stage can put a strain on your muscles. Not to mention that the constant blaring of loud music definitely takes a toll on your eardrums. Some musicians have even been known to throw out their backs or go partially deaf!

Needless to say, nurturing healthy habits as a musician is something that many of them take seriously, and exercising regularly is no exception. To avoid pulling a muscle or getting tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, many performing artists stretch every morning before their day begins, and others even bring along weight sets on their tour buses so that they can stay fit for whatever is ahead.

Many musicians drink tea in the morning.