December 2015

Spanish Tutoring Las Vegas

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Spanish Tutoring Las Vegas

To show you how great our teachers are, here are the guidelines our Spanish Tutors follow for their students:

Spanish Tutors for Las Vegas Students

As a Las Vegas Spanish tutor, you want to make sure that your students succeed in meeting their goals. Being an attentive tutor who plans for each student is what it takes to stand out among the other tutors. The harder you work at your position, the more success you’ll see as a tutor. Use these tips to help you take things to the next level.

Listen to Your Students
Each student has different needs when it comes to learning Spanish. You might be looking to learn in a classroom environment, or one on one with a private tutoring company. If you’re tutoring young children, the goal may simply be to expose them to a new language while their young brains are still soaking up new information. A teenage student might be struggling in her high school or University of Nevada, Las Vegas Spanish class, and an older couple may be looking to pick up basic conversational skills for an upcoming trip to Spain. Ask your student what his or her goals are for learning Spanish and then design your lessons to help your student achieve them.

Develop a Template
As much as you want to personalize your tutoring sessions, it can be time-consuming to plan out the details for each lesson. Try to develop a sort of template that can work for you. For instance, you might plan for the first 5 minutes to be a conversational warm up, the next 10 minutes review, and rest of the lesson to be about new information. With this template in mind, it’s easy to select materials for each individual student without spending too much time on the nuts and bolts of the lesson.

Keep Records
It’s important to remember what each student is learning in his or her sessions. Keep a notebook to track what you’re doing in your lessons. Before the lesson, create a rough outline of what you’re going to cover. After the lesson, jot some notes about how the student did. Recognizing and remembering that the student struggles with certain concepts can help you plan the next session. This does not need to be something that you share with the student or your employer. It’s simply meant to be something to help keep you organized and on track.

Speak English and Spanish
With the possible exception of working with very young students, it’s usually best to speak a combination of English and Spanish during your class. You probably want to make the majority of the lesson about speaking in Spanish, but sometimes, it’s better to use English to explain things to students. Simply relating how something in Spanish correlates to the English is usually all it takes for it to really “click” in the student’s head.

Help Students Develop Study Skills
Students probably only spend a small amount of time with you each week. One of the best things that you can do for your students is to help them develop study skills that they can use throughout the rest of the week. For instance, if the student wants to improve their written Spanish, it could be helpful to keep a written diary throughout the week. This ensures that the student is doing a little bit of work each day. Tell your student that it’s better to make flash cards that use pictures rather than English words when practicing vocabulary. This helps them to eliminate the “translation” step and gets them thinking in Spanish. Pay attention to your students’ learning styles and make suggestions that will really help them to learn.

Have a Backup Plan
One of the most frustrating things a tutor can experience is finishing the planned lesson 10 or 15 minutes before the tutoring session is scheduled to finish. Sometimes, the student just catches on quickly and breezes through the material. For times like these, it’s helpful to have a backup plan that you can use to fill up the time. Depending on the student, you might have a Spanish book to read, a fun game to play or a good topic for conversation. Whenever you finish the lesson early, pull out this activity like you’d planned to do it all along and the student will never know.

One of the biggest advantages of tutoring students one-on-one is the ability to make the lesson unique and personal. When you pay attention to your students’ needs and design lessons that work to meet those needs, you’re sure to be a Spanish tutor that’s in high demand.

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